We need to talk. It’s about your chamber’s website.

It is absolutely essential, a fundamental requirement that a chamber of commerce website be optimized for mobile use. You cannot get out of it.

Mobile use is growing at a remarkable rate and if you don’t have a mobile site, you are ignoring a growing segment of your membership and/or community that wants to interact with you via their mobile devices.

Not convinced? Here’s a little homework.  Find out from your website person what kind of traffic your website is getting from mobile users.

Here are some stats from a client chamber that was happy to share. Last month, just under 29% of the chamber’s website users were accessing the chamber’s site via a mobile device.

Let’s see what that means in numbers. The chamber had 7,694 visits to the site last month. 2,231 were mobile users. Those users are people, either chamber members or members of the community seeking information from the chamber.

Mobile Websites Provide A Better User Experience

Having a mobile-friendly site made it easier for them to get the information they were looking for than if they were trying to pinch and zoom their way around on the full site until they got frustrated and went away.

Think of it this way, if more than 2,000 people called this chamber last month and were treated poorly on the phone, were placed on eternal hold, bounced around or otherwise had a frustrating experience; that would be bad wouldn’t it?

But if 2,000+ people last month had a poor experience on the website, it would be ok??? Of course not! You must have a mobile-friendly website. It is non-negotiable.