At latest count, WannaCry, the ransomware virus that was launched late last week, has impacted more than 200,000 businesses in 150 countries, and many more organizations may be at risk. Ransomware is a type of computer virus that locks files on a computer, preventing the user from accessing them. The files may be unlocked after the user pays the cyberattacker a ransom. A single attack can be devastating for a business.

These types of attacks are on the rise and your members may be at risk. As a chamber, you are in a position to help your members stay informed and protect themselves, and as an organization with a mission to help businesses thrive, you should be doing something.

Here are three easy ways to help your members protect themselves from a ransomware attack.


Publish a tips-oriented article on your chamber blog. Send out an appeal to your IT industry members TODAY with two questions, “how can members protect themselves from an attack?” and “what should they do if they have been attacked?” Give them a deadline to respond and quote those that respond in your article. Provide a link to your chamber’s online business directory’s IT industry category for any readers who want to consult with an expert, and to give visibility to any of your IT members who didn’t meet your deadline. Don’t have a blog? Publish it as an Ad hoc edition of your chamber newsletter.


Post this on your chamber’s Facebook page as soon as you are finished reading this article:

“The WannaCry ransomware virus has impacted more than 200,000 businesses. Chamber IT industry members, how can your fellow members protect themselves?”

Shoot out an email to your IT industry members right before or right after you post, alerting them and asking them to join the conversation and provide their expertise.


Post a link to an article you find on the internet covering the topic of this virus and how businesses can protect themselves. Hey, look! We’ve found one for you. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/15/ransomware-wanncry-virus-what-to-do-to-protect.html

Reacting to timely business issues like this one not only helps your members, it also demonstrates your relevance as a chamber and the value of your network of members. Keep up the great work!

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