Frustrated With Social Media Posts Not Being Seen?

It can be quite frustrating when your chamber of commerce is making the effort to create and deliver great content to chamber members, but it seems no one is seeing it, and they certainly aren’t reacting to it. If you want to increase engagement on your chamber of commerce Facebook page consider two things:  elevating the fun factor and boosting the visibility of your content.

The Fun Factor

One easy and effective way to elevate the fun factor is by creating recurring theme postings.  It’s easier than you think – you can start by participating in one that’s already out there – Throwback Thursday.  On Thursdays, social media platforms are flooded with photographic “blasts from the past.” People love it, participation and engagement levels run high.

Think about how you could make Throwback Thursday work for your chamber of commerce.  You could start by having staff members/community leaders offer up childhood photos to be posted and invite your members to guess who they are.

What about taking it a step further by really tying the theme into your mission?  You probably have a ton of old photos in file drawers at the chamber.  Re-enlist them as Facebook fodder. Has your community experienced a downtown revitalization?  Find a snapshot from the past that shows how it used to be and compare it to a present day photo.  Perhaps you have a member whochamber of commerce social media strategy started his/her now-thriving business in their garage or a tiny office ten years ago.  That’s worth a Throwback Thursday post! Use Throwback Thursday to demonstrate the dramatic strides your community has made over the years.

Expand beyond Throwback Thursday to create themes of your own. How about “Mystery Member Monday,” where you give a few clues about a member and have your Facebook audience guess the member, or Great Grub, where you feature an enticing photo of a delicious dish served up at a member restaurant and encourage your fans and followers to post their photos too.  Recurring themes can be a free and easy way to increase engagement on your Facebook page and provide visibility for your members. Plus, it provides you with regular go-to content.

Content Boost

Facebook is a busy place and regardless of your number of fans, sometimes your posts just don’t find their way into your audience’s news feeds. If you are noticing a drop off in the reach of your posts, you might want to consider boosting a post.  For as little as $5 you can boost a Facebook post to help your post reach more people. It’s easy to do, just create your post, then click on the “Boost Post” option.  When you boost a post, you can select whether you would like the post to reach more people that already like your page, or you can put the post in front of new audiences.

The more people who see your post, the more likely you are to get engagement.